Was Cody Christian on GREY’s anatomy?

State of Love and Trust in “Grey’s Anatomy” (TV Episode 2010) – Cody Christian as Brad – IMDB.

Did Cody Christian play on GREY’s anatomy?

Cody Christian played Brad Walker in the season 6 Grey’s Anatomy episode State of Love and Trust.

Who does Cody Christian play in GREY’s anatomy?


Year Title Role
2010 Grey’s Anatomy Brad Walker
2010-2015 Pretty Little Liars Mike Montgomery
2012 Lab Rats Kaban
2012 Beautiful People Kyle.

What has Cody Christian been in?

He had a guest role at Grey’s Anatomy and True Blood

In episode 13, season 6 of “Grey’s Anatomy,” Christian played a young patient named Brad Walker who is hospitalized with mysterious abdominal pain.

What happens to Theo in Teen Wolf?

After suffering the same attacks over and over again from his dead sister, Theo finally broke down and accepted his fate at the hands of a horrific zombie version of the sister he had killed. He finally realized that he deserved his punishment, so he let her tear his heart out.

What happens in Season 10 Episode 12 of GREY’s anatomy?

A short summary

On their wedding day in April, the doctors at Gray Sloan Memorial Department get all caught up in their own drama. Meredith and Christina continue to discuss their research and careers, Bailey comes clean to Ben about his feelings that he’s back in Seattle, and Shane finds himself in a dangerous situation.

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Was Tom Holland in GREY’s anatomy?

Season 8, episode 11. played Holland, a mother of two conjoined twins who came to the hospital to be surgically separated.

Is Parrish part of Scott’s pack?

Later, Parrish is enlightened of the supernatural by Scott’s pack and learns that he himself is supernatural and that he was attracted to Beacon Hills by Nemeton. He helps the pack protect the remaining targets, saves Chris Argent from death, and joins the fight against Peter Hale and Kate Argent.

Is Theo in Scott’s pack?

Theo wanted the perfect pack. This is what he saw in Scott’s pack for an assortment of powerful and unique creatures. Theo is the only antagonist to successfully kill Scott, but he was only dead for about 15 minutes before being resurrected.

Who gets married in season 10 of GREY’s anatomy?

Gray’s Anatomy’s Season 10 winter finale, “Get Up, Get Up,” hung around during her April wedding to Matthew.

What episode does Jackson ruin April’s wedding?

The “Gray’s Anatomy” episode “Get Up, Stand Up” aired eight years ago on December 12, 2013. It is best remembered for the moment Jackson Avery interrupted April Kepner’s wedding.

What episode do they find out Mona is alive?

Mona was revealed to be alive in “Welcome to the Dollhouse” and held in “A” at the Dollhouse for five months.

What age is Ezra in Season 1?

Aria was 15 in the pilot and Ezra was 22.

What is Billy Baker’s Secret?

Laura helped Billy with the soccer program and Billy always helped Laura with her political campaigns. But with flaws and they always loved each other. But when Billy told Laura he was having an affair with Grace, everything became a secret and crashed.

Was Coop a real person?

The Coop character in “All American” is based on Spencer Paysinger’s friend in South Los Angeles. The Coop character was inspired by one of Spencer Paysinger’s friends in South Los Angeles, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Is Demi Lovato on GREY’s anatomy?

Returning to the Son of Days of Chance, Demi Lovato stopped by an episode of Grey’s Anatomy in 2010. The pop star played Haley Mae. Haley Mae was difficult to diagnose and had those around her questioning her symptoms.

Who is the guest star on GREY’s anatomy?

Celebrities like Demi Lovato, Mandy Moore, and Elisabeth Moss have all appeared on the hit show. And several actors like Millie Bobby Brown and Tessa Thompson played guest roles on the show before they made it big.

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Who has an accent on All American?

Here’s “All American.” He shares how he perfected his American accent!

Who is Spencer Paysingers wife?

Blair Duckworth Peisinger is the wife of Spencer Peisinger. She is a graphic designer by profession. According to sources, she attended Beverly Hills High School where she met Spencer.

Does Scott stay a true alpha?

True Alpha is very rare and has only happened once in 100 years. In the Season 3 midseason finale, Scott achieves full Alpha status. A few months later, at the end of Season 4, he mastered the immense strength that comes with it.

Which episode does Scott find out about Theo?

Everyone is still trying to process that epic Teen Wolf finale. It has been so crazy; I can’t even remember the last time I saw a Teen Wolf episode. On the August 24 episode, Theo (Cody Christian) brought Scott’s pack members to their knees, Scott (Tyler Posey) had an insane and bloody confrontation with one of his closest friends, and finally found Parrish’s true identity!

Is Stiles in Scott’s pack?

Pack Formation.

The initial group included Stiles and Derek, who were trying to help him understand his transformation. Within weeks, Allison and Lydia joined him.

What creature is Jordan Parrish?

Parrish soon joined Scott McCall and his pack, and was finally discovered by Lydia Martin during her research at Status Asthmatinus in Season 5A. Known for being a patron of folklore and the supernatural…

Is Stiles Stilinski a werewolf?

Alongside him is his best friend, Stiles Stalinski (played by Dylan O’Brien).

Do the twins ever join Scott’s pack?

Ayden and Ethan never became official members of Scott’s pack, but this did not mean they were complete outsiders. While they attended Beacon Hills High School, both Ayden and Ethan were involved in romantic relationships with Lydia Martin (Holland Roden) and Danny Maheani (Keahu kahuanui).

Who was Derek sending money to?

Who is Michael Bottcher ???? He did not die, but he is not moving and needs watch care. That is why Derek sent his family money. Pay for his care.

What happens to Leah on GREY’s anatomy?

Leah Murphy.

After Richard was laid off for less than stellar surgical skills, resident Leah Murphy spent a little time in depression before starting work at another hospital. Eventually, she decided to reapply to Grace Lawn in hopes of working under aerobic head Maggie

Who married Meredith after Derek?

1. williamthorpe. William (played by Scott Elrod) was tragic for everyone because he was the first guy Derek dated after his death. After avoiding him quite a bit, they finally started dating and eventually did the deed.

Who does Cristina end up with?

Christina Yang & Owen Hunt – After filming, Christina and Owen decided to get married.

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Does Arizona cheat on Callie?

In Season 9, Arizona cheated on Callie and the couple separated. They tried to get back together, but Therapy Exercise considered splitting up permanently in Season 11. In the episode, Callie and Arizona’s therapist instructed them to spend 30 days apart to work on themselves.

Do April and Avery end up together?

Thursday’s Season 18 Grey’s Anatomy finale gave fans a real treat. Not one, but two beloved characters returned, Dr. Jackson Avery and Dr. April Kepner.

What mental illness does Mike Montgomery have?

It was revealed that Mike has been diagnosed with teenage depression.

Does Aria get pregnant?

The show revealed (via social media) on Thursday that Aria and Ezra welcomed a baby girl. This news was presented as a faux-text conversation between Allison and Aria. This also revealed that the daughter got her middle name from Aria’s mother: Aria.

How did Spencer figure out Mona was A?

Meanwhile, Mona and Spencer head to the Lost Woods Resort to discover what is in Room 2. Upon arriving there, Spencer discovers “A’s” hideout. Spencer finds Ali’s diary and solves the puzzle. Mona is “A”.

Who kills Maya?

Sadly, she died in the Season 2 finale titled “Unmasked”.

Why was Alison scared of Ezra?

(Alice tries to remove Ezra from her life.) Ali is afraid of Ezra. Because he tried to kill her when she refused to have an abortion.

Why is Ezra in A’s lair?

Ezra’s Lair is where Ezra Fitz keeps all items and information about researching and monitoring the book he is writing about Alison DiLaurentis. It was first seen (as a whole) in Ravenswood in Now You See Me, Now You Don’t, by the Liars.

Are Olivia and Jordan Baker twins?

Olivia Baker (Samantha Logan) is the main character in All American. Olivia is the daughter of Billy Baker and Laura Fine Baker. As are the twin sisters of Jordan Baker. Not to mention Willie Baker’s granddaughter.

Who is the real Billy Baker NFL?

Paysinger revealed that coach Billy Baker is broadly based on his uncle, Carter Paysinger. While Paysinger attended Beverly Hills High School, Carter was the head football coach. At that age, he was essentially like a father figure to me,” the former NFL player explained.

What is the secret between Coach Baker and Spencer’s mom?

Jordan reveals that his mother, Laura, is a lawyer. While they hang out, Jordan hears his father’s voice on the phone. Billy would not have recruited Spencer if someone on his team had half his potential. At practice, Spencer soon learns it’s scrimmage day and is tricked.

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