Was the Prayer Book rebellion successful?

Russell estimated the rebels from Cornwall and Devon at a total of 7,000 men. On July 28, Arundell decided to block the approach to Exeter at Fenny Bridges. The outcome of this conflict was inconclusive.

What were the consequences of the Prayer Book Rebellion?

4,000 rebels were killed in Exeter. Smaller rebellions in Oxfordshire were easily crushed, and in every instance a disgruntled priest was hanged from the steeple of his own church. Five leaders of the Cornwall and Devon rebellions were taken to London, hanged, drawn and quartered.

How did the Western Rebellion end?

The government sent Russell Lord to put down the rebellion, but he received little support from local gentlemen. As a result, he was able to put down the rebels in August.

Who led the Prayer Book Rebellion?

Russell Lord and his Royal Army, which included Italian and German mercenaries, began marching on Exeter on August 3, 1549, and defeated the rebel group two days later.

Where did the Prayer Book rebellion take place?

The Prayer Book Rebellion/Location

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