Which among the following was the second sign performed by Jesus after coming from Judea to Galilee?


The second sign was given when Jesus healed the official’s son in Capernaum. (See John 4:46-54.) In verse 48, Jesus states that The official begged Jesus to heal his son. Jesus told him that he could go home and his son would live.

What was the 2nd miracle Jesus performed?

The second documented Jesus miracle is recorded in John 4:46-54, where Jesus healed the son of a royal nobleman. ‘Once more Jesus visited Cana of Galilee, where he had turned water into wine. And there was a royal official whose son was sick and lying in Capernaum.”

What was the second sign of John?

Jesus walked on water in John 6:16-24.

How many signs did Jesus perform?

Tenney’s book articulates the purpose and importance of his selective seven signs from the many miracles performed by Jesus. John is the closest to Jesus in the inner circle who describes himself as “the disciple whom Jesus loved” (John 21:20).

Where did Jesus perform his first two sign miracles?

John adds that: “Jesus did the first of his signs in Cana of Galilee, and it revealed his glory, and his disciples believed in him” (John 2:11).

What miracles did Jesus perform in Judea?

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  • Raising a widow’s son.
  • Feeding of 5,000.
  • Healing of a paralyzed man.
  • The stilling of a storm.
  • Resurrection.

What was the last miracle Jesus performed?

The healing of Marthus was the last miracle of Christ before His resurrection. Simon Peter cut off the ear of Marthus, the servant of the high priest, in the scene in the garden of Gethsemane.

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What do the signs that Jesus performed mean?

Jesus performs his sign before his disciples, ‘that they may come to believe that he is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that they may have life in his name’ (John 20:30-31).

What is a sign in the Bible?

The Hebrew for the sign is ‘ot. As we trace this word through the Old Testament, we learn that signs are given to warn people, to execute God’s judgments, and to save people from oppression (e.g., Israel’s exodus from Egypt). Signs are also given to guide and mark sacred time.

What are the 7 stages of revelation?

The seven seals of God from the biblical book of revelation are the seven symbolic seals (Greek: σφραγῖδα, spragida) that secure the book or scroll that John of Patmos saw in his eschatological vision.


  • 2.1 First seal.
  • 2.2 Second seal.
  • 2.3 Third seal.
  • 2.4 Fourth seal.
  • 2.5 Fifth seal.
  • 2.6 Sixth seal.
  • 2.7 Seventh seal.

What are the 4 parts of the Gospel of John?

The majority of scholars see four sections in John’s Gospel. Prologue (1:1-18). An account of the Ministry, often called the Book of Signs (1:19-12:50); Jesus’ last night with the disciples, and the passion and resurrection, sometimes called the Glory Book (13:1-20:31). And the conclusion (20:…

Where in the Bible did Jesus perform his first miracle?

The first recorded miracle in the New Testament is recounted in John 2:1-11 when Jesus turned water into wine at a wedding. Since this was Jesus’ first public miracle, it is considered one of the most memorable miracles for many Christians today.

Why are signs used in the sacraments?

Signs are used because they have a special message for us. Each sacrament has a specific message and a specific grace for us. What do the signs do? They help us see what the sacrament does for our soul.

How many miracles did Jesus perform in Mark?

In the section Mark 7:31-8:26 there are two healing miracles specific to Mark. In fact, they are the only Markan miracles not included in the other gospels.

How many miracles did Jesus perform in Luke?

According to the Lucan account, Jesus performs 16 miracles of healing. Three more are delivered from the devil. Of the above categories. The 29 final miracles do not relate directly to Jesus.

Who performed the last miracle in the Bible?

Marthus must have felt both bewildered and amazed that his sworn enemy could show such kindness to him. This was Jesus’ last miracle before his death, and perhaps the most important to us. If you could perform one miracle, what would it be?

Who Wrote the Bible?

Even after nearly 2, 000 years of existence and centuries of investigation by biblical scholars, we still do not know who wrote its various texts, when they were written, or under what circumstances.

What did Jesus say to the men on the cross?

1. father, forgive me. For they do not know what they are doing. Then Jesus said, Father, forgive them. For they do not know what they are doing. This first saying of Jesus on the cross is traditionally called the “word of forgiveness.”

What do the 7 Seals in Revelation represent?

Modern revelation tells us that each seal represents a thousand years of history (see introduction to Revelation 5-7 above). When the first seal was opened, John saw a crowned man conquering on a white horse.

What is the major purpose of the signs included in the first half of John’s Gospel?

What is the main purpose of the signs contained in the first half of John’s Gospel? The Book of Signs establishes that Jesus is the God-sent Messiah through seven chosen signs.

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What are the two sacraments of healing?

The two sacraments of healing are penance and the anointing of the sick. Repentance makes possible the spiritual healing and pardon of those whose sins have led them away from God.

Who asked Jesus for a sign?

The Pharisees and Sadducees came to Jesus and tested Him by asking Him to show them a sign from heaven.

What are signs of the times?

The signs of the times today are events prophesied to occur in the last days before Christ’s return. Signs are recognizable events or occurrences that identify the present and are precursors to future events. They are portents of extraordinary events, genius, wonders, and marvels.

What do the signs in the Gospel of John reveal?

Review from last week: John uses the word “signs” to speak of Jesus’ miracles. They are signs because they confirm that Jesus is the Son of God beyond himself, and they show that through the actions of the Son, he reveals the invisible Father.

What is the purpose of the seven signs or miracles in the Gospel of John quizlet?

The purpose of the seven signs and miracles in John’s Gospel is to symbolize a deeper truth and reality, focusing not on the specific actions themselves, but on their symbolic meaning.

What are the 7 bowls in the Bible?

Seven angels are given the wrath of God in seven bowls, each composed of the wrathful judgments of God. These seven bowls of divine wrath are poured out upon the wicked and the followers of the Antichrist after the seven trumpets sound.

What are the 7 plagues?


  • Turning water into blood: Ex. 7:14-24.
  • Frogs: Ex. 7:25-8:11/15.
  • Lice or gnats: Ex. 8:12-15/8:16-19.
  • Wild animals or flies: Ex. 8:16-28/8:20-32.
  • Plague of livestock: Ex. 9:1-7.
  • Pox: Ex. 9:8-12.
  • Hail and thunderstorms of fire: Ex. 9:13-35.
  • Locusts: Ex. 10:1-20.

Who wrote the 4 Gospels?

In Christian tradition, the four evangelists are Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, and the authors are believed to have been involved in the creation of the four anonymous canonical gospels. In the New Testament they have the following titles: the Gospel of Matthew. Mark’s Gospel; Luke’s Gospel; and John’s Gospel.

Who wrote 1st 2nd and 3rd John?

The Epistle of John, abbreviated John, and the three New Testament writings, all composed around the year 100, are traditionally attributed to the Apostle St. John, the son of Zebedee and disciple of Jesus. The author of the first epistle is not identified, but the authors of the second and third epistles refer to themselves as “elders.”

Who saw God in the Bible?

Moses saw God face to face on a strange mountain after God spoke to him in a burning bush, before going to deliver the children of Israel from Egypt (cf. Moses 1:1-2, 17, 25-26; Ex.) 42; see also Exodus 3:1-10).

How old was Jesus when he was crucified?

Considering the various chronologies of Jesus, he was between 33 and 40 years old at the time of his death.

How old was Jesus when he perform his first miracle?

Luke 3:23 states that Jesus was “about 30 years old” when he began his ministry. There were different approaches to estimating the start date of Jesus’ ministry.

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What are the symbols for the 7 sacraments?

Terms in this set (7)

  • Baptism. Water, holy oil, white robe, Easter candle, white candle at baptism.
  • Confirmation. Anointing, fire, crism of the Holy Spirit.
  • Eucharist. Bread and wine.
  • Reconciliation and atonement. Stole.
  • Anointing of the sick. Oil of the sick for anointing.
  • Holy orders.
  • Marriage.

What are the signs and symbols of Eucharist?

Symbols of the Eucharist.

Bread and wine are consumed, which symbolize the body and blood of Jesus Christ. Bread – Bread is a symbol of the Eucharist. Because it represents life. Now we accept bread as the body of Jesus because it is also symbolic since the breaking of bread was done by Jesus.

What is Galilee called today?

Galilee, Hebrew Hagaril, corresponds to the northernmost region of ancient Palestine, modern northern Israel.

Why did Jesus go to Galilee after his death?

According to the fourth Gospel, Jesus left Judea and went to the Galileans, to the horror of the Pharisees. He was discouraged by the success of the Baptist Reformation Ministry (John 4:1-3). To avoid this danger, we are told, he sought safety in Galilee.

What are the 10 miracles of Jesus?

Gallery of Miracles

  • Healing Peter’s wife’s mother.
  • Healing the deaf mute in Decapolis.
  • Heals the blindness at birth.
  • Heals the paralysis of Bethesda.
  • Blind man of Bethsaida.
  • Bartimaeus the Blind of Jericho.
  • Heals the servant of Centurion.
  • Christ heals the frail woman.

Which miracles are in all four Gospels?

The first miracle, the Feeding of the 5,000, is the only miracle that is an azide from the Resurrection and is recorded in all four Gospels (Matthew 14:13-21; Mark 6:31-44; Luke 9:12-17; John 6:1-14).

What was Jesus second miracle?

The second documented Jesus miracle is recorded in John 4:46-54, where Jesus healed the son of a royal nobleman. ‘Once more Jesus visited Cana of Galilee, where he had turned water into wine. And there was a royal official whose son was sick and lying in Capernaum.”

What was the first miracle Jesus performed?

The transformation of water into wine at the wedding in Cana (marriage at Cana, wedding east feast at Cana, or wedding east feast at Cana) is the first miracle attributed to Jesus in the Gospel of John.

How many miracles did Jesus perform in the Book of Mark?

Asking Google for over 68 million results suggests that Jesus performed 37 miracles recorded in the four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John), with the Gospel of Mark recording the most. It may seem a bit surprising that the Bible records only 37 of these myriad miracles.

What is the first miracle recorded in the Gospel of Mark?

[1] A woman is sick; she is healed (Mark 1:30-31). The child is demonized; she gives birth (7:25-29). The disciples are dr and are afraid the storm is stilling (4:35-41).

What was the first and last miracle Jesus performed?

Have you ever thought that both the first and last miracles of our Lord Jesus are unusual? The first occurred at Cana of Galilee when Jesus turned water into wine. The last was the only miracle that occurred during His passion when He healed the ear of Malchus.

Does God exist Yes or no?

The atheistic conclusion is that both argument and evidence show that there is insufficient reason to believe that God exists, and that personal subjective religious experience says something about human experience, not the nature of reality itself. Thus, there is no reason to believe in God …

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